Trucking Insurance

Commercial Trucking Insurance Helps Your Business Keep Moving

At FA Insurance Services Corp., we provide a full spectrum of personal and commercial auto insurance coverage. If your company owns one or more trucks used for your business operations or you operate a transportation company that uses large trucks or tractor trailers, you require commercial trucking insurance. With more than 10 years of insurance experience, our agents are familiar with trucking insurance requirements in the state of Florida. No matter how often or for what purpose your company uses trucks, we can find a policy with the coverage you need. Contact FA Insurance Services Corp. to discuss your business’ needs and get a quote for trucking insurance in Cutler Bay, Doral or Homestead, FL.

Protection for Trucks of All Types

We provide coverage for all types of commercial trucks, including:

  • Tractor trailers or “semi trucks”
  • Garbage and recycling trucks
  • Moving trucks
  • Tow trucks
  • Construction trucks

Your premium will depend upon which types of trucks you operate, how many trucks you own, how many employees utilize the trucks and your businesses’ safety records. Each company is unique, so ask for a personalized quote today.

Types of Commercial Trucking Insurance

There are several components that make up a secure workers’ compensation coverage plan. Your trucking insurance should provide financial coverage for your employees, your vehicles and your property and equipment. Your insurance will also protect you financially if your company’s vehicles are responsible for an accident that causes property damage to or injures a non-employee.

Liability Insurance

Commercial liability insurance is designed to protect your business when one of your employees causes an accident. This type of insurance covers medical costs for other parties in the event of an injury and covers the cost of property damage up to your coverage limit. It also pays for legal fees if you are sued by the injured party.

Physical Damage

Physical damage insurance covers damage that occurs to your truck or trucks due to an accident or other incident, regardless of fault. Like traditional collision insurance, your trucking physical damage policy will cover repairs to your vehicle after an accident. Additionally, it may provide coverage for other damage to the body of your truck caused by theft, vandalism, hail or fire. Though this type of coverage is usually not required by law, it is a necessity for most business owners who use trucks on a regular basis. Your FA Insurance Services Corp. agent can help you choose a physical damage policy that covers what you need covered.

Cargo Coverage

If your truck is used to transport goods as part of your business, you will require cargo insurance coverage. The level of coverage you require to protect the goods you haul depends on their worth. Cargo coverage can cover damage that occurs to cargo during an accident on the road or due to other incidents. Depending on the cargo you transport, this type of financial protection could save your company thousands of dollars in damaged product.

Keep Your Business Mobile and Flexible

Our team is truly passionate about protecting our customers and helping them thrive. Contact us today for a consultation about your business insurance needs in Cutler Bay, Doral and Homestead. In addition to trucking insurance, FA Insurance Services Corp. can help you with all your other business insurance needs.